Vision & Mission


To be a world class Assembly


To offer quality services to the residents through effective representation, legislation and oversight.

Core Values

Transparency and accountability
We shall do our business and deliver services to our citizens on a level playing ground through taking responsibility for our action.
Citizen engagement
We shall seek to bring the citizens into the decision making organs of the Assembly.
Rule of Law
We shall be led and guided by the constitution of the Republic of Kenya 2010 and any other legislation.
We appreciate that the county constitutes persons from different communication lining and working in the county in harmony.
We shall follow the rules of our professions in the service of the citizens and the staff at the Assembly.
To willingly refuse to participate in unauthentic means in business transactions.
Efficiency and effectiveness
To deliver our services to the citizens with speed and clarity.
To employ merit in our service delivery and employment.
In delivering services, we shall treat all equally irrespective of their background, abilities.
We shall always work together one and all to deliver.