A motion on Preventive and Mitigation Measures against Cancer, Lifestyle and other Malignant Diseases, moved by the Shika Adabu ward MCA, hon. Juma Mwalimu Kambi gained a lot of support from honourable Members noting that cancer, diabetes, hypertension among other diseases have been on the rise in Mombasa County due to lack of proper preventive strategies.

In a sitting that was presided over by Mjambere ward MCA hon. Amriya Boy Juma as a member of the Speaker’s Panel, the mover pointed out that Cancer is a global health issue and could be elevated on the health agenda of the County Government of Mombasa. He emphasized that its prevalence has claimed more lives and the statistics have been on the rise day in day out.

Prevention strategies by reducing the exposure to the risk factors, vaccination and early detection could lead to treatment.

Members contributed to the motion arguing that primary prevention and screening for chronic diseases was considered the best strategy to curtail the rise of the malignant diseases. Concerns were raised that a big percentage of Mombasa residents are economically disadvantaged and as such may not afford the cost of screening services. They also talked of mental illness as another silent killer that has been claiming lives at an alarming rate.

Members further argued that the continuous absence of preventive strategies were likely to transfer economic burden of treatment and management of the chronic diseases to an already financially challenged population or exacerbate the prevalence of the diseases.

Cognizant of Article 43 of the Constitution that provides for among other matters, the rights to the highest attainable standards of health which include the right to affordable health care services, the House RESOLVED that:

1. The County Government through the Department of Health to establish a regular annual programme for screening lifestyle and malignant diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension in all wards at affordable fees.

2. The Department of Health to establish a prevention and mitigation programme against lifestyle and malignant diseases including awareness campaigns, sensitization fora and other sustainable measure in all wards.