Members of County Assembly convened for a special sitting pursuant to Standing Order 26 (1-4). In a gazette notice dated 25th January, 2023 notice No. 655 of Vol. CXXV-No. 19, the sitting was called for the purposes of;

i) Communication of nominees for the position of County Executive Committee Members,

ii) Adoption of reports on approval hearings for nominees for the positions of County Secretary & Head of Public Service and the Board Secretary/CEO of the County Public Service Board, Mr. Jeizan Faruk and Mr. Fadhili Maamun Ali respectively.

The Speaker, Hon. Aharub Khatri communicated to the House the ten nominees for the positions of CEC Members forwarded for vetting.

1. The Department of Environment and Solid Waste Management – Mr. Francis Foleni Thoya.

2. The Department of Education and Digital Transformation – Dr. Mbwarali Kame Mboramad.

3. The Department of Finance and Economic Planning – Mr. Evans Oanda.

4. The Department of Health – Dr. Swabaha Ahmed Omar.

5. The Department of Transport and Infrastructure – Mr. Daniel Otieno Manyalla.

6. The Department of Water, Natural Resources and Climate Change Resilience – Ms. Emily Achieng Okelo.

7. The Department of Lands, Urban and Housing – Mr. Mohamed Hussein Mohamed.

8. The Department of Public Service Administration, Youth, Gender, Social Services and Sports – Mr. Kenneth Muigai.

9. The Department of Blue Economy, Agriculture and Livestock – Ms. Kibibi Abdalla Khamis.

10. The Department of tourism Culture and Trade – Mr. Mohamed Osman.

Two papers were laid before the House for approval of the aforementioned nominees. The Report on the vetting of Mr. Jeizan Faruk for the position of County Secretary and Head of Public Service was tabled by the vice-Chairperson, Committee on Appointments, Hon. Athman Mwamwiri. Subsequently, the report on vetting of Mr. Fadhili Maamun for the position of Secretary/CEO County Public Service Board was tabled by the Chairperson Committee on Labour and Public Service Administration, Hon Jactone Madialo.

The House, pursuant to section 9(2) of the Public Appointments (County Assemblies Approval) Act (No. 5 of 2017) took into consideration the Suitability, Capacity and Integrity of the nominees and unanimously adopted the reports.